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Sama’ – Enrollment

Those with the warrior’s heart and the courage to take unto themselves the mantle of عh’atwya fighter are welcome to enroll.

  • This includes all four disciplines of عHa' Kamat - عHa' Satash, عHa' Asir, عHa' Mantjw, and عHa' Khعw
    Fighting with weapons. Studying the reliefs of war as well as working with the weapons themselves, عHa' Kamat has created a formidable fighting style of ancient Egyptian weapons. عHa' Khعw includes: khanyat Spear khanyat am ikam Spear with Shield khapash Khopesh sword khapash am ikam Khopesh sword with Shield damat Knife damet am ikam a'a Knife with forearm Shield iqkhw Battle Axe iqkhw am ikam Battle Axe with Shield intjat Chain intjat em khanyat Chain with spear swtw Two sedge reeds
     عHa' Mantjw is intended to be useful in urban situations. While عHa' Satash is constructed to push an opponent away so that a weapon can be acquired, عha' Mantjw is to get inside the opponents defenses, to use a weapon they might have against them, for close quarter combat. Named after the Natjr deity Mantjw (Montu), His image as a bull is symbolic of the hooked punches, the use of elbows, and thrusting knees resemblance to the goring horns of Mantjw in his form as a bull. In his form of the falcon, He gives His inspiration for specialized clawing attacks. The Madja'w (Medjai) take a prominent role in the reconstruction of this martial combat technique, as these Nubian conscripts served ancient Egypt of the New Kingdom as special forces in battle or policing the streets of Thebes were devoted to Mantjw
    عHa' A'sir teaches the wrestling of Ancient Egypt, which is the most extensively documented fighting art. With 400+ maneuvers عHa' A'sir is second to none in all the wrestling disciplines. Found on the walls of tombs in Beni Hassan and Medinet Habu, the wrestling of Ancient Egypt was very popular in its day, not only as combat training but as sport. We named this ancient sport after A'sir (Osiris), the Natjr deity of the dwa't Otherworld, whose mummiform image reminds us of the object of wrestling being bound submission.
    عH'a Satash is designed to be the first and only unarmed form taught to new soldiers. In a military environment a soldier would be issued weapons and would be expected to keep them with him and carry them into combat. Since basic training for new recruits focuses on developing skill with their weapons and instilling discipline and teamwork, unarmed combat would rightly be considered a secondary skill at best.

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