Introduction to Aha Satash – Combat of Seth DVD


The introduction to Aha’ Satash – Combat of Seth DVD

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Aha’ Satash – Combat of Seth is intended to be a reconstruction of the first and only unarmed form taught to new soldiers. Based from the relief of boxers in the tomb of Kheruef, Aha’ Satash formulated a limited number of Hwaw – Strikes, and Sharw – Blocks to provide an effective unarmed combat discipline designed to repel a forward attack. In a military environment a soldier would be issued weapons and would be expected to keep them with him and carry them into combat. Since basic training for new recruits focuses on developing skill with their weapons and instilling discipline and teamwork, unarmed combat would rightly be considered a secondary skill at best.

DVD contains all Hwaw – Strikes and Sharw – blocks in Aha’ Satash, research, fighting stance and proper execution and use. Bonus features are the introduction and about Aha’ Kamat – Ancient Egyptian Combat.

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