AHa’ Khaw – Weapons Combat


Fighting with weapons. Studying the reliefs of war as well as working with the weapons themselves, AHa’ Kamat has created a formidable fighting style of ancient Egyptian weapons.

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AHa’ Khعw includes:

khanyat – Spear

khanyat ma ikam – Spear with Shield

khapash – Khopesh

khapash ma ikam Khopesh  with Shield

damat Knife

damat ma ikam a’a – Knife with forearm Shield

A’qHw – Battle Axe

A’qHw ma ikam – Battle Axe with Shield

intjat – Chain

intjat ma khanyat – Chain with spear

swtw – Two sedge reeds.

Subscription includes access to all Aha’ Khaw videos and Tjasam training, also a complimentary invitation to an annual Tjasam Ta’ training event. This one day training event will include in depth training, ceremony, and testing.

Notice: Due to the Coronavirus, all Tjasamat Ta’ training events are suspended.


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