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Aha’ Satash Qan Sananw – Combat of Seth Second Attack

Aha' Satash hieroglyphs

The second attack combination of Aha’ Satash is now available to our patrons.

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Aha’ Satash – Combat of Seth Khasaf Hr Tapya – First Defense

Aha' Satash hieroglyphs

Our first defensive combination technique for the Combat of Seth unarmed martial arts technique, found exclusively on our Patreon. Patrons pay as little as $3 a month.

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Tahtib stick fighting promoted as Olympic event hopeful

fighting with weapons

Modern Tahtib founder Adel Paul Boulad began researching tahtib since 2000 and has since established the worldwide network of tahtib practitioners with his teaching methods. From the rural regions of Upper Egypt Modern Tahtib designed a codified curriculum from the varieties known as Tashkila. The Modern Tahtib founder then drew more inspiration and formulated joust techniques called Abousir, and also 360 combat with two opponents. The founder decided on black shirts, pants, and a three tipped sash reminiscent of a red sash worn by ancient Egyptian fighters. Unlike traditional tahtib, MT allows women to compete. MT’s greatest achievement thus far has been successfully registered  with UNESCO in 2016 as “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” MT has now set a goal for tahtib to be a sanctioned Olympic sport by 2032.


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Aha’ Kamat Patreon

After consultation among the Council of Nabwya in disseminating the knowledge of the Aha’atyw fighters of Ancient Egypt, we are pleased to announce our new Patreon account. Three new distinct tiers are available, which will blend the four disciplines of Aha’ Kamat lessons.

Our structure and hierarchy remain the same. Nafarw recruits will have access to the basic introductory lessons of Aha’ Kamat. Haryw Aha’ Masters of Combat have access to specialized training and techniques, as well as access to the community of training partners, and live training and testing events. Masha’a Har – Army of Horus tier are reserved for tested Haryw masters, teachers, and our yearly retreat with advanced training and spirituality.

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Introduction to Aha’ Satash – Combat of Seth

Aha' Satash hieroglyphs
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