عHa’ Mantjw


 عHa’ Mantjw is intended to be useful in urban situations. While عHa‘ Satash is constructed to push an opponent away so that a weapon can be acquired, عha’ Mantjw is to get inside the opponents defenses, to use a weapon they might have against them, for close quarter combat.

Named after the Natjr deity Mantjw (Montu), His image as a bull is symbolic of the hooked punches, the use of elbows, and thrusting knees resemblance to the goring horns of Mantjw in His form as a bull. In His form of the falcon, He gives His inspiration for specialized clawing attacks. The Madja’w (Medjai) take a prominent role in the reconstruction of this combat technique, as these Nubian conscripts served ancient Egypt of the New Kingdom as special forces in battle or policing the streets of Thebes were devoted to Mantjw