AHa' Kamat Hieroglyphs

Aha’ Kamat – Ancient Egyptian Combat

The fighters of ancient Egypt were the greatest and most feared in the ancient world. Their ways of battle were the most efficient and brutal; they revered their discipline so much that tribute came from across the old empire to keep the forces of the Two Lands appeased. Aha’ Kamat employs the latest archaeological research to construct the lessons for you to learn the secrets of the Aha’atyw – the fighters of ancient Egypt.

2 thoughts on “Aha’ Kamat – Ancient Egyptian Combat

  1. Would there be any books on the subject by any chance? I love reading about the combat arts.

    1. Our research is released on the Par Madja’t House of books at https://reconstructingancientegypt.org/houseofbooks You can find the book reviews and links, as well as journal articles and links.

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